• Animal, Vegetable & Mineral

    I’m always interested in the ways in which nature manifests itself in the urban environment.

  • A foggy day

    Photography has always been an intimate experience for me. It’s one’s miniature world inside the camera. I like trying to establish closeness with the viewer, sharing the things I notice. If you don’t see it, then just keep looking. I want to draw people in.

  • Neighborhood Photos

    A neighborhood is not just its streets and buildings, though they may add flavor. It is also the people who live and work in those buildings and who traverse those streets. Many neighborhoods are diverse communities. I believe our neighborhoods can achieve their greatest strength and abundance by remaining that way.

  • Looking for photographers

    No matter how much and in whatever skilled manner people make photographs, there will always be need and desire for different images of things. There will always be places that we haven’t been or that have changed or that cease to exist that will warrant documenting and remembering. There will always be the value of …